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The most valid reason for choosing cremation 
is yours.
All funeral rituals and memorial services are 
designed for those of us left behind. 
Services help us deal with the reality of death and 
ease the grieving process. Whatever helps you honor your loved one is the best 
choice for you and your family. More and more often, people find memorial services more healing than traditional services.
Memorial services allow relatives to become more involved in planning and conducting a proper tribute. If you choose, a time delay can allow your whole family to research and gather meaningful memories, pictures and music of your loved one. So important nowadays, when families are often scattered throughout the country.
Your home is your comfort zone – especially in times of grief. We will bring our professional service to you. We’ll make arrangements, provide counseling and can even deliver your loved one’s ashes to your house, where you can feel the presence of your loved one.

Choosing direct cremation gives you more time to think through and arrange a personal and meaningful memorial service to take place at your convenience, ultimately saving you thousands of dollars.

A cremation service can be the less expensive alternative to a traditional funeral service with burial saving your family needed money compared to a typical funeral home. 
Why Direct Cremation?
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Maryland Cremation Services
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             “Very professional. I loved
that the paperwork could be done at my home and that my husband’s ashes were delivered to my home.”
- Denise L.