Choose from a variety of five different types.
You can choose the content of the back side. 
Please e-mail us the name of the decedent 
as you would like it to appear on the back side, 
dates and a prayer of your choosing.

Prayer card prices:

                           24 cards - $15.00

                           48 cards - $25.00

                           96 cards - $35.00

We can print (depending on the length) any prayer, verse or poem on our prayer cards. 
Just e-mail it to us along with card selection, name, dates and quantity ordered.

Cards are printed in sheets of eight in the following themes:

                                                                 1. Life of Christ (variety)

                                                                                2. Pathways (variety)


                                    3. Footprints only

                                                                       4. Mixed scenery (variety)

    5. Praying hands (all this same)

6. Stepping stones (all this same)

7. Motorcycle (variety)

8. Serenity prayer (all this same)

9. Lighthouses (variety)

10. Sailboats (variety)

11. Footprints with poem 
on the front (all this same)

12. Crucifix (variety)

13. Sunset (variety)

Prayer cards
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